I started my own business at the end of 2016 and on the recommendation of one of their existing pharma company clients, decided on Roadword as my freight forwarding partner. At the time I did not realise that this would be exactly what I would be getting – a partner. Roadworld is a company that understands the value of service and the contribution that make toward the success of my business.

I have high expectations in term of service delivery, primarily due to the fact that timelines for stock delivery is usually tight. Roadworld, however, has always stepped up to the plate and consistently managed to meet the needs of my business.

There have been numerous examples over the years when the Roadworld team has gone ‘above and beyond’ what has been required of them. During the Covid-19 crisis, for example, we have encountered unusual problems regarding clearance of my consignment with Port Health authorities. During this very frustrating process Neil and his team worked tirelessly with me to get my stock released.

Part of the reason for Roadworld’s success is the hands-on approach of Neil and Claudia. At the very heart of their company’s DNA is their belief that if my company is successful, then so too will they be successful. This is, when all is said and done, a true partnership.

-Ebeth Smit, General Manager, CS Health (Pty) Ltd