The South Africa Revenue Service requires that only an authorised signatory from an importer or exporter may sign clearing instructions.  The authorized signatory must be either a director of the company or someone within the organization, nominated via a company resolution, giving them permission to sign the clearing instructions and if not already done, please send a copy of the resolution to your Roadworld representative for us to keep on file.

The following extract from the SARS Policy refers:

Clearing Instructions

Importers and exporters are required to give written clearing instructions to their agents in an effort to avoid careless mistakes and to place clearing agents in a better position to avoid under entries and wrong clearances and thereby eliminating unnecessary work at a later stage.

Blanket clearing instruction (one clearing instruction used for all repetitive clearances is not allowed).

It is mandatory for importers and exporters to provide their clearing agents with clearance instructions in an approved form (see paragraph b below), for each CCD submitted to Customs.

SARS has published a draft rule amendment, to include additional information on the clearing instruction but we can confirm that our existing document complies with the draft rule amendment and no changes are required for Roadworld’s clearing instruction.

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