Advantages of Roadworld Clearing & Forwarding Air freight

One of the major advantages of air shipping service from Roadworld Clearing & Forwarding is its suitability of all types, volume, value, shapes and sizes.

Benefits of Roadworld Clearing & Forwarding Air Shipping Services

Speed of service

Roadworld Clearing & Forwarding air freight  is a much faster solution to ship goods when comparing it to the lead times that are needed for sea and road transport. If you need to make sure that your goods reach their destination within a given period, then air shipping is the ideal long distance shipping method.


We ensure safe shipping of perishable goods through speedy delivery and non exposure too drastic temperature variations and rough handling.

Guaranteed departure and arrival times

Roadworld Clearing & Forwarding takes advantage of the tight schedule of airlines to guarantee departure and arrival times of shipments.

International delivery service

With our closely knit network of international air freight forwarders  we offer a perfect solution for global movement of goods. We can transport goods to any safe and accessible destination anywhere in the world.

Low-cost insurance premiums

Our air freight services help you save on insurance premiums since your goods spend little time in transit and there is less need for local warehousing.

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