Notice: SARS Valuation for Freight Declaration

 26th  March 2021

Dear Customer,

SARS Customs is focusing on Customs Valuations, to ensure importers comply with the regulations in determining the Customs Valuation on imported goods.

Customs Valuation is a procedure applied to determine the customs value of imported goods, which in turn is used to determine the applicable Customs Duty and VAT to be paid. Should your commercial invoice show a freight amount, then SARS may request supporting documentation to validate the Customs Valuation.

SARS will not accept the freight amount on “C” and “D” Incoterm® commercial invoices. The actual supporting document must be provided to qualify for a deduction of the freight in order to declare the FOB Customs Value.

  • If your forwarding is with Roadworld, Roadworld will have the relevant supporting documentation.
  • If you are not forwarding with Roadworld and shipping on “C” or “D” Incoterms®, ask your supplier to provide you with a freight statement that confirms the amount paid for freight, however your supplier must list the freight amount separately on your commercial invoice.
  • SARS will accept the freight statement from the shipping lines or the freight statement from a licenced or registered SA agent or representative.

Failure to produce the freight statement, will result in duties being paid on the freight amount and possible penalties and storage charges incurring.

There could also be a request for proof of payment to confirm the amounts declared. Kindly ensure that the freight statement is provided when clearance documents are sent to us to avoid delays.

Please take heed of the above.

Kind regards

(Sent electronically therefore unsigned)

Your Roadworld Controllers.